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Frequently Asked Questions

Websites like this are a dime a dozen, why should I use QuickCite.net?

  • Ads: QuickCite.net only has one advertisement, at the top of the page. And you don't have to watch a video in order to get your citation.
  • MLA 8: Lots of sites claim to give MLA 8 citations, but the truth is they never updated their code. They're still asking for information that is no longer relevant to the current version. MLA 8 is much simpler than previous versions of the MLA style. QuickCite.net was built from scratch to take advantage of that simplicity.

What's the deal with "Quick Multimedia Attributions"? What style is that?

  • It's not any official style. If you're writing a formal research paper the citation rules of MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. are more than adequate, but they are overkill for projects like websites, blogs, slideshows, and videos. Asking students to use formal research paper rules in simple assignments burdens them with unnecessary, onerous work and teaches them avoid giving credit.
  • Quick Multimedia Attributions asks for a few simple questions to make practical, useful, consistent, attributions as easy as possible.

Other citation websites automatically load information from ISBN databases or source webpages. Why doesn't QuickCite do that?

  • Students who rely completely on automation are at a disadvantage because they're not learning anything about citing sources. QuickCite asks them to enter (and think about) their own information and then helps with the formatting.
  • ISBN databases are full of duplicates entries and errors that either create more work or lead to incorrect citations.
  • Not every book can be found in an ISBN database.
  • Citations websites are easily confused and do a terrible job of automatically determining authors, titles, numbers, publishers, and/or dates of web sources.

Other citation websites ask you to select "book" or "journal" or "website" first. Why doesn't QuickCite do that?

  • A source is a source. MLA 8 asks you enter all the same information, regardless of the format of your source.

Will you be adding other styles like APA or Chicago?

  • Yes, stay tuned.

How do I contact you with questions or suggestions?